From Indoor to Outdoor: Celebrating Trojan Archery’s National Team Achievements

With The Vegas Shoot 2020 and the last round of the 51st USA Archery Indoor Nationals wrapping up this past weekend, the indoor season is officially done. Now that the results are in from all over the country, our team wishes a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to our Club President Mac Whitaker! Mac is currently ranked 6th in the nation for Collegiate Men’s Barebow—qualifying him to compete … Continue reading From Indoor to Outdoor: Celebrating Trojan Archery’s National Team Achievements

Looking Ahead to the Spring 2020 Semester

Fall semester saw many new archers taking up bows, and old team members working hard and setting goals. Spring semester is where all of that work pays off. Indoor competitions have already begun, and will be over before we know it. We’re so proud of our Trojan Archery family and the work they’ve put in, and we’re excited to see them reap the rewards at our upcoming tournaments. Continue reading Looking Ahead to the Spring 2020 Semester

State Indoors and SIACC Recap

Hello Trojans! It is with great pride and pleasure that we get to announce that our competitive season is underway, and what a season we’ve already had!  Our Trojan Archers started off this season in Tulare, California for California State Indoor Championships. While our entire team was not in attendance, the Trojan spirit was ever-present. Our archers Aadi Ghildiyal, Daniel Kwasniewski, Mingyu (Caesar) Cui, and … Continue reading State Indoors and SIACC Recap

How Do You Know if Archery is the Right Collegiate Sport for You?

So you want to join a club in college, but what? How are you going to choose out of the hundreds of student organizations? If you’re lost in the sea of club options, we’re going to help you with a little recreational sport matchmaking. Here’s our take on why Archery might be your next favorite hobby. Continue reading How Do You Know if Archery is the Right Collegiate Sport for You?

Fall 2019 Semester Recap – Here’s to 2020!

Fall 2019 was a busy and productive semester for Trojan Archery! The fall semester is always an important time for training and preparing for Spring 2020’s indoor and outdoor season, and this year was no exception. In addition to recruiting new team members, we’ve made lots of positive changes this year in order to make our team one of the best. From implementing team workouts to coaching workshops, our team is making strides to shoot well and shoot strong! Continue reading Fall 2019 Semester Recap – Here’s to 2020!

Introduction to Stringwalking

Stringwalking may sound like a difficult technique, but at the end of the day, it is no harder and can be more accurate than gap shooting.
When stringwalking, a barebow archer keeps the point of the arrow directly on the gold at any distance, unlike gap shooting. In order to actually hit gold, we move our fingers down the string, away from the nock of the arrow and pull from different places on the string to shoot at different distances. The farther our fingers are to the nocking point, the flatter the launch angle of the arrow becomes, therefore it will hit lower, corresponding to a shorter flight distance. Continue reading Introduction to Stringwalking

About Us

Welcome to the Trojan Archery, a friendly partition of Club Sports at the University of Southern California! Trojan Archery is a student-run collegiate archery program dedicated to teaching and practicing the sport of archery at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 2004, Trojan Archery consists of both a recreational club and a traveling competitive Olympic Recurve, Barebow, and Compound … Continue reading About Us

Back to School 2019

Dear Trojan Archery Friends and Families,

Long-time no see! With summer coming to a close, Trojan Archery is getting prepared for the upcoming school year. Namely, we are focusing our efforts toward fall recruitment and are excited to announce that we will be attending the RecFest on August 22nd (4-6 PM) on Brittingham Field and the Involvement Fair on August 29th (11-2 PM) on Trousdale Parkway. During these two Welcome Week events, we will have sign-ups open to beginners and experienced archers alike, so come check us out! We will have our Trojan Archery shirts on, so you can’t miss us. Continue reading “Back to School 2019”

School is Out for Summer, but Competition Rages On!

Even though school is out for the summer, Trojan Archery is going strong! This past weekend, Trojan Archery’s Daniel Kwasniewski competed in one of the biggest tournaments in the nation—the SoCal Showdown! In fact, this was the largest USAT competition in USA Archery history. Dan faced stiff competition against some of the world’s best archers, shooting alongside athletes such as Brady Ellison, Jack Williams, and others aiming to qualify for the USA Olympic team. Dan shot strong at SoCal, especially considering it was his first USAT competition. He scored 548/720, for an arrow average of 7.61—an even stronger performance than his already impressive 7.19 average at the California State Outdoors just two weeks earlier.

Continue reading “School is Out for Summer, but Competition Rages On!”